I’m Acidolka and this is a little bit about me:

Music is a huge part of my life and I feel that music truly allows people to express themselves, both aesthetically and emotionally. When I first started taking pictures at concerts, aged 17, I was only equipped with a disposable camera and a desire to capture the atmosphere. Now, I have much nicer cameras and several years of experience working with bands including Behemoth, Vader, Me and That Man, Paradise Lost and Moonspell. You may also have seen my photographs in magazines, album covers or on band’s social media.

Concert photography is a fiendishly difficult aspect of photography and I work hard to perfect my craft. Every gig is different, every crowd unique and I love to capture the moments that people talk about long after the ringing in their ears has stopped. I also do photoshoots for bands and I work with them to capture their essence and help them promote themselves, it’s hard to sell yourself nowadays and professional pictures help.

As well as photography, I like to create artwork. A passion older than my love for music. I have a BA in Art Education and an MA in Illustration. I’m drawn to traditional methods and in a time of tablets and digital content, I still like to use pens. I have a penchant for the gothic but with my own unique style and you can see some of my artwork on this site. If you like it, it’s also available as a print!

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